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    “Switching” to IP fabrics

    At the beginning of 2021, Namex IXP has started the rollout of its next-generation peering platform, the active infrastructure which is at the core of its network interconnection facility. This new platform relies on an IP fabric design with VXLAN as the overlay network and BGP EVPN as the control plane protocol. The development of this project started back in March 2020 and saw Mellanox and Cumulus Networks (both parts of NVIDIA corporation now) as major technological partners. Before diving into the details, a brief historical note may help to understand the drivers and motivations behind such technical choices. Managing scale and complexity: the evolution of a peering platform Having…

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    Finalmente! Il traffico locale è rimasto locale.

    Durante la partita Juventus – Lazio del 6 marzo il traffico Internet locale è rimasto locale. In questo articolo Cristiano Zanforlin, Chief Commercial Officer MIX, Flavio Luciani, Chief Technology Officer Consorzio Namex e Luca Cicchelli, Interconnection Manager Consorzio TOP-IX spiegano cosa è successo e qual è il ruolo di un IXP. English Version has been published by Internet Society, read here the article Sabato, 6 Marzo 2021. La partita del Campionato Italiano di calcio di Serie A Juventus – Lazio viene trasmessa in TV sia via satellite sia via Internet, come accade ormai di consueto. Cos’è accaduto al traffico Internet in occasione di questo evento? Namex ha fatto il proprio all-time-peak, ovvero il picco record del traffico mostrato nel…